Euler中文材料合集-不断更新中(Euler Chinese Materials-Updating)

1.项目进展-Euler来信(Project update-Euler Newletter)

新功能:账号健康模拟 (New Feature:Account Health Simulation)

Euler来信-八月总结(Euler Newsletter August Summary)

Euler来信-七月总结2 (Euler Labs Newsletter July Summary)

Euler来信-七月总结(Euler Newsletter J Summary)

Euler来信-六月总结2(Euler Newsletter June Summary)

Euler来信-六月总结(Euler Newsletter June Summary)

Euler来信-五月总结(Euler Newsletter May Summary)

Euler SDK来啦!(Announcing the Euler SDK)

Euler dapp新功能来啦!(Announcing new features of Euler dapp)

Euler来信-四月总结(Euler Newsletter April Summary)

Euler来信-三月总结(Euler Newsletter March Summary)

2.白皮书和官方文档(Whitepaper and Official Docs):

白皮书 whitepaper

官方文档 official docs

3.官方博客翻译 (Official Blogs Translated into Chinese)

Euler简介 (Introducing Euler)

价格和预言机(Prices and oracles)

移动平均数如何过滤 (Moving average filters)

DeFi轧空 (DeFi Short Squeeze)

用Hardhat在ERC20合约中强行发现存储结构 (Brute Force Storage Layout Discovery in ERC20 Contracts With Hardhat)

加密市场的风险—从一个借贷协议的角度 (Risks in Crypto — a Lending Protocol Perspective)

Euler的预言机风险评分系统 (Euler’s Oracle Risk Grading System)

Euler推出100万美元的 ImmuneFi 漏洞赏金计划!(Euler launches $1M ImmuneFi Bug Bounty Programme!)

Euler治理论坛发布了! (Announcing Euler Governance Forum)

Uniswap预言机攻击模拟器 (Uniswap Oracle Attack Simulator )

ShippooorDAO提供的Euler Dune分析仪表板 (Euler’s Dune Analytics Dashboard by ShippooorDAO)

Euler Finance:借贷市场风险管理的新方法 (Euler Finance:A Fresh Approach to Risk Management in Lending and Borrowing Markets)

积分的意义何在?(What’s the point in points?)


Euler FAQ中英双语版(ENG-CHN)

Euler颠覆市场的突破性方法 (Euler’s Approach to Distrupting the Incumbents)

Euler用户手册:准备开始 (Euler User Guide:Getting Started)

Euler用户手册 (Euler User Guide)

EulerDAO启动各阶段介绍 (EulerDAO Launch Phases)

Euler来信-五月总结2 (Euler Newsletter May Summary-2)

EulerDAO 征集代表!(EulerDAO Call for Delegates!)

Euler 用户指南:借贷 (Euler User Guide:Borrowing and Lending)

在Tally的治理仪表盘上委托投票 (Delegating Voting Power on Tally Governance Dashboard)

专访Euler金融联合创始人兼首席执行官 Michael Bentley(Interview with Michael Bentley, Co-founder & CEO of Euler Finance)

Euler治理提案创建工具简介(用于EulerDAO第1阶段)- Introducing Euler’s Governance Proposal Creation Tool (for EulerDAO Phase 1)

介绍 EulerDAO:社区提案和投票掌握治理(Introducing EulerDAO:Community Proposals and Voting Take Hold of Governance)

民主化EUL分发(Democratizing EUL distribution)

只读型复入防护(Read-only re-entrancy guards)

stETH和可重置代币的一些”毛病“ (and the Hazards of Rebasing Tokens)